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C-MAX Ultra Series Cameras

C-MAX Ultra Series Cameras

The C-MAX Ultra Series cameras are hardened “fixed” cameras with extremely high resolution and employ the widest continuous field of view (2.5° to 57°) of any video surveillance camera ever manufactured. These cameras employ high technology faceplate glass, that has an ITO coating on the inside and has a Hydrophilic coating on the outside, that never needs cleaning.

Thanks to WTI, camera wipers are now history!

The C-MAX Ultra Series cameras employ advanced DSP Camera technology that delivers vivid color images during daylight and high sensitivity monochrome images during nighttime. They are also equipped with a high-sensitivity, high resolution ¼” CCD sensor featuring 440,000 effective pixels that provides maximum sensitivity at low light levels. To insure a “no compromise” setup, every function of these cameras can be controlled remotely with the HHC-7000 (hand-held controller).