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MobileBlocker I Standard

MobileBlocker I Standard

A single MobileBlocker unit weighs less than 1/2 lb. (0.45 kilograms) and will protect up to a 30 yard (30 meter) circular area or about 570 square yards (565 square meters). This would be suitable for a board of directors' meeting room, conference room, restaurant or a recording studio.

You may also want to protect similar remote locations and will require a MobileBlocker unit for each site.

To effectively cover a larger area such as a places of worship (mosque, church, synagogue, temple, etc.), theater, seminar room, concert hall, convention center, auditorium, library, casino, opera house or a museum, you will need to strategically place a number of MobileBlocker units individually and/or in combination. MobileBlockers used in this manner will effectively cover a very large area. Five MobileBlocker units in combination can protect up to a 25,000 square meter area. The User Guide that accompanies each unit shows how to position MobileBlocker units individually and in combination.

*U.S. sales to government only