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MACH IP Series

MACH IP Series

Wireless LAN Ethernet/IP: WTI’s MACH LAN IP Radio systems set a new and higher standard of performance in broadband wireless networking solutions. Every MACH system delivers exceptional performance through all climate environments, and is a simple, easy and inexpensive installation.

WTI gives your system flexibility plus unparalleled network security and puts the Benefits of WTI’s MACH Series Wireless IP Into Your Network.

The new MACH systems are truly innovative products and an ideal networking solution for entities that are developing their own private networks and are interested in short-to-long-range transmission and higher data rates. The MACH systems operate in an infrastructure mode. In this mode, the MACH IP Radio systems operate as an “Access Point” with portal capabilities. The Access Point enables wireless LAN users access to wire based Ethernet LANs. With roaming capability, the MACH IP Radio systems allow wireless LANs to automatically load between Access Points located in different wired LANs at multiple locations.

Complete Systems With Secure Wireless Connections.

The MACH systems incorporate a data enciphering/deciphering module implementing the RC4 algorithm to offer secure wireless connections. This module encrypts/decrypts network data while these files are transferred to or from the PAI Files offering on-the-fly encryption/decryption. The system comes complete with nothing extra to purchase.