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D-MAX Series

D-MAX Series

D-Max 900/2400 MHz Series: Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camera Control Link

WTI’s UNIVERSAL CONTROL LINK (UCL) is available in both 900 and 2400 MHz, and utilizes WTI’s proprietary code translation protocol to control just about any manufacturer’s pan / tilt / zoom (P/T/Z) video camera by wireless remote! There is no need to dig a trench, lay fiber, locate old phone lines, or purchase extra external code converters. The UCL operates transparently and there are no extras to purchase - the system comes complete. When you order the UCL, specify the manufacture and model number and code format of the head-end controller and the manufacture and code format of the P/T/Z. The UCL Transmitter and Receiver(s) will be shipped pre-configured and ready to plug and play!

Maximum Flexibility at Your Finger Tips! The D-MAX UCL system is designed to be flexible. The Universal Control Link can operate either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. In the point-to-multipoint configuration, you can expand the number of P/T/Z cameras just by adding them. It’s that simple!

Quality and Complete Control! WTI’s D-MAX Universal Control Link has been designed as a complete control solution. The 900 MHz UCL has 21 field-selectable channels and operates from 902 to 928 MHz. Our 2.400 MHz UCL has 37 field selectable channels and operates from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. Both the UCL systems operate in the worldwide unlicensed (ISM) frequency band. The RF design incorporates direct sequence spread spectrum (DSS) and Bi-Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) technology that virtually eliminates RF congestion. It also provides real-time data transmission and internal data translation, ready-to-install RF antennas, and a certified NEMA 4X system enclosure.